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    We're making room in our warehouse for our fall collection! Buy 2 Regular-Priced Big Boy Bamboo brand Crew Neck or V-Neck t-shirts - any size or color and get 1 free! Use coupon code BTGO. Put 3 Big Boy Bamboo brand Crew Neck or V-Neck T-Shirts in your shopping cart and the 3rd one is free!
  • USPS Packages are About to Get Slower & More Expensive

    Expect USPS mail delivery and all shipping carrier times to slow down through the holiday season of 2021. Big Boy Bamboo packages sent this holiday season may take longer to deliver, so order early!
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    Order Now. Pay Better. Choose Afterpay. Checkout with Afterpay at Big Boy Bamboo and make 4 payments over 6 weeks INTEREST FREE! Afterpay is a Buy-Now-Pay-Later service available at

  • Add a FREE Gift Card and/or Custom Gift Wrap Your Entire Order for $6.99!

    If you love a big guy or a lusciously curvy lady, we’ve got an easy way to make their day. You can get a FREE custom greeting card with your custom message on any order AND you can get any order gift wrapped by our gift-wrapping pandas for $6.99!
  • Limited Edition Paunch Panda Logo V-Neck T-Shirts Are Now Available

    You wanted graphic tees, and now you’ve got them. These Limited Edition Paunch Panda T-shirts are only available while supplies last.
  • Big Boy Bamboo Presents Cute, Funny Panda Videos from the Internet

    Some pandas are cute, some pandas are funny. Some pandas are cute and funny! Let's take a few minutes to look at some funny panda videos found on YouTube.

  • Fat Shaming - 2 Comedians' Take On the Obesity Epidemic

    Is there ever a right time to fat shame someone? Is it ever ok to talk down to another human being? Is my belly size funny to you? Is this really ok in 2019? Fat Shaming is always bad and Body Positivity is always good. An important commentary about comments by Bill Maher and James Corden from our official fat panda, Paunch Panda.
  • What Do You Call a Group of Pandas?

    We don't know where that name came from but there is nothing embarrassing about a giant group of pandas.
  • International Shipping Options at Big Boy Bamboo

    International Shipping via U.S. Postal Service is now available at Big Boy Bamboo. We realize not everyone lives in the USA or Canada so we've opened up over 30 more countries!
  • It's The Summer of Citrus at Big Boy Bamboo

    More Colors, More Sizes, More Big Boy Bamboo Love We here at Big Boy Bamboo love you guys and want you to be happy. That’s why, when you asked for more lusciously bright colors, we went to work. Now, we’re thrilled to announce that this is the Summer of Citrus!
  • Our Second Visit to the Big Boy Bamboo Factory in China - April 2018

    I am occasionally asked, "Why do you produce your shirts in China?" My first answer is "that's where the pandas are!"

    But there is a better answer: Most bamboo is grown in China and it is easier to process the bamboo into useable fabric for our fabulous Big and Tall bamboo t-shirts.

  • Paunch's Plus-Size Guide to Picking Up Chicks - Dating for Big Guys

    Picking up chicks might seem intimidating, but with a little know-how and some totally realistic, not at all ridiculous tips from the Paunch, the Official Fat Panda, you'll be surrounded by women before you can say "grossly underpaid copywriter masquerading as a cartoon animal."

    Disclaimer: Take advice from cartoon pandas at your own risk. If you want advice from an actual dating expert, scroll down to the bottom of this post.