Big Fashion Feature: Chubstr

Introducing Chubstr

Bruce from Chubstr wears Big Boy Bamboo Big and Tall t-shirts

We don't just make lightweight shirts for big men.

We strive to be a lifestyle resource for guys who want real, practical tips and advice about the big guy lifestyle.

That's why we can't wait to tell you about Chubstr! - life in your size - is one of our favorite websites on the entire internet.

Of course, if you have any taste at all, you'll love them, too.

Let's talk style.

Bruce from Chubstr wears Big Boy Bamboo Big and Tall t-shirts
Bruce from Chubstr wears Big Boy Bamboo Big and Tall t-shirts

There's a lot more to Chubstr than just fashion advice, but since this blog is 1) written by a cartoon panda, and 2) fashion-challenged, it's worth talking about the top notch style guides that the team at Chubstr have put together for guys like us.

If you have any neat-freak, hyper-organized, borderline-obsessive-compulsive tendencies, you're going to love the way everything is organized.

Their style advice is organized into 3 main groups: The Well-Rounded Gent, The Stylistic, and Style Deconstructed.

Articles organized under the Well-Rounded Gent tag (the pun is both delightfully obvious and almost certainly intended) provide shockingly awesome articles with insights into everything from smoking a pipe - in which we learned that estate pipes are a thing and are weirdly classy - to tying your shoes - well, technically lacing them in interesting and stylish ways.

Stylistic posts feature real dudes who are chubby, stylish, and generally interesting.

It's kind of refreshing to see actual people with actual style getting some time in the spotlight, and that brings up another thing we love about Chubstr: they're a community.

The Style Deconstructed posts are where you go when you want to know how to do that whole "outfit" thing for yourself.

It's not just fashion tips, it's a series of explanations so that you can start to understand how to dress your body.

If you need a little help, or if you're kind of nerdy and just love getting into the details and reasons behind things, do yourself a favor and read every post.

Bruce from Chubstr Talks About Big Boy Bamboo

Bruce from Chubstr wears Big Boy Bamboo Big and Tall t-shirts

Big Boy Bamboo Makes Premium Tees for Big & Tall Guys

It’s the Summer of Citrus at Big Boy Bamboo


Let's talk resources.

Learning how to dress properly is one thing, but what good does that do if you can't find clothing that fits in the first place?


Clearly, we have our own opinions about where you should be buying tee shirts, but as much as we'd love it if you filled your closet with nothing but Big Boy Bamboo, we think you should probably also buy the occasional pair of pants...and maybe even a jacket.

Shopping for extended sizes is hard.

We get it.

Fat guys get kind of a raw deal from the fashion industry.

That's why you're going to love Chubstr's Sized Up section, too.

While it doesn't look like they've updated it in a while, there's still a bunch of articles that talk about awesome indie clothing shops around the world that stock clothing in your size.

Their other major resource, Answerland, seems to be much more regularly updated...and they've got an answer to the all-important question: How the hell do I keep my pants up when I don't have a butt?

If you haven't had that problem, you're officially the envy of 99% of fat men everywhere.

Let's talk everything else.

Bruce from Chubstr wears Big Boy Bamboo Big and Tall t-shirts
Bruce from Chubstr wears Big Boy Bamboo Big and Tall t-shirts

As much as we could continue to rave about the internet wonder that is, we'd rather you went to the site and checked it out yourself instead of just reading our opinion.

You're going to find articles about entertainment, feature pieces about celebrities and average dudes alike, and an addictive series called Chubstr Crush.

Chubstr Crush
This isn't one of Chubstr's crushes, but she should be

There's even a shop so you can dress, accessorize, and groom like the dapper gent you are.

So go check out Chubstr!

Keep an eye on this blog for more Big Fashion Features as we scour the internet for the best resources, websites, and blogs.

Meanwhile, what are your favorite fat fashion blogs?

Tell us about it in the comments below!

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