Our Second Visit to the Big Boy Bamboo Factory in China - April 2018

Where Do We Produce Our Bamboo T-Shirts?

Where we produce our bamboo t-shirts

I am occasionally asked, "Why do you produce your shirts in China?"

My first answer is "that's where the pandas are!"

But there is a better answer:

Most bamboo is grown in China and it is easier to process the bamboo into useable fabric for our fabulous Big and Tall bamboo t-shirts.

Question 2: "Why don't you bring the fabric from China and manufacture in the good ol' US of A?

Answer: That would be great but by manufacturing anywhere but China would DOUBLE THE COST.

Question 3: "Then why don't you just use bamboo grown in the USA?

Answer: Because the climate of the United Staes is not conducive to growing bamboo in large enough quantities to support our needs let alone the needs of every manufacturer that wants to produce products from bamboo.

So it is absolutely possible we might use bamboo grown in the United States - WHEN SOMEONE GROWS IT HERE.

Question 4: "Why do you have an answer to everything I ask?"

Answer: Because before we started Big Boy Bamboo, we did extensive research about bamboo fabric and its production and learned that we have to get our supply from the best place in the world for bamboo - China.

Leaving current American politics aside, China is the world's factory. And it happens to be the world's agriculture hub - especially when it comes to bamboo.

Our Trip To Our Chinese Factories April 2018

Drive from Shanghai to Suzhou China

 In April 2018, we traveled back to China to visit the amazing factories that manufacture our premium Big and Tall bamboo t-shirts.

Big Boy Bamboo Big and Tall t-shirts in Orange, Lemon and Lime.

We were finishing production of our 3 new colors - Lemon, Lime, and Orange in 3XL-8XL and 1XLT-4XLT sizes.

Big Boy Bamboo New Colors and Sizes 

 Big Boy Bamboo T-Shirt production Our amazing team sewing our new Lime color Big and Tall t-shirts 

Our factory boss "modeling" our 8XL Orange bamboo t-shirt Our factory boss "modeling" our 8XL Orange V-Neck bamboo t-shirt.

Once again we spent time in the factory sewing rooms to see happy people making our bamboo t-shirts. This is a great team that manufactures our shirts in a professional atmosphere.

Big Boy Bamboo is proud of the working conditions of our factories in China, and we'll guarantee to keep them clean, safe, modern and professional. And, of course, we'll always pay a fair, living wage.

Gate to the East, Suzhou China

Gate to the East, Suzhou China Gate to the East, Suzhou China, 199 Xinggang Street, Suzhou, China

See that building in the distance that looks like a pair of pants? At a height of just above 300 meters by way of its twin spires, Gate to the East was the first supertall skyscraper to be constructed in the city of Suzhou. The building is located on the eastern side of the city and adjacent to Lake Jinji, with the design serving as a focal point for a new central business district as well as a gateway looking towards the historic city center.

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