Why We're Not Afraid of the Word "Fat"

When this website launched, we were told that we needed to tone down our language. Apparently, some people had an issue with the word "fat."

Why we're not afraid of the word fat

"You can't call people FAT!"

"Aren't you afraid of offending people?"

"Can't you use a nicer term, like plus-sized or portly?"

Here's the deal:

Being afraid to say the word "fat" doesn't make us any less fat.

The fact that so many people think our body is a sensitive topic is what's really offensive.

It's that exact attitude, that reluctance to talk openly and honestly about our body types, that has created a fashion industry that either ignores us or patronizes us.

Big Boy Bamboo Uses Realistic Models

We're Not Afraid to Call Ourselves "Fat" - Here's Why

Most manufacturers of so-called extended sizes are afraid to even use realistic models because they think we're going to be turned off by seeing guys who actually wear the sizes they sell.

They call their clothing "big and tall" as if we're just larger versions of regular bodies, and they make clothing that doesn't fit correctly because acknowledging how we're shaped would mean admitting we're fat, not just tall.

Oh, no, we can't have that!

There's really no place for reality in marketing.

Maybe we can't change the industry, but at least we can take a tiny stand.

We believe that men who wear plus sizes deserve just as much respect and service as anyone else, and that means we're going to talk openly about the challenges associated with our body types - because if you don't acknowledge that there's a problem, you can't solve it.

We're Not Afraid to Call Ourselves "Fat" - Here's Why

We know it's frustrating that you have to decide between a shirt with the correct neck size and shoulder seam placement OR a shirt that fits comfortably around your middle.

We know it's frustrating that big and tall brands don't differentiate between "big" and "tall," so you end up wearing a shirt that comes halfway to your knees in order to get one that (sort of) fits.

We know how much it sucks when everything fits okay...except that the sleeves cut off your circulation because the fashion designer seems to think you're shaped like an orange with toothpicks for arms.

Those are problems that fat people face.

We're Not Afraid to Call Ourselves "Fat" - Here's Why

And if you're so worried about offending fat people that you won't be honest about their body type, you can't exactly address those problems.

Of course, there's the extreme in the other direction, too. Some people think they have to preach to you in order to get you to "accept" yourself...

We believe that nobody needs to give you permission to be fat.

Frankly, your body is nobody's business to approve or condemn.

You are what you are, and if you want to change, great.

If you don't want to change, great. Whatever you want to do with your body, we're behind you.

Crocs and Socks

Okay, most things you want to do with your body, we'll support.

Even we have ethics.

We firmly do NOT support wearing socks with sandals.

The point is, do your thing.

Gain weight.

Lose weight.

Be fat.

Get fit.


Meanwhile, we'll keep making shirts that fit fat guys, and as long as you're one of them, you'll have a place to shop that respects you without judgment, without condescension, and with copious amounts of chili dog references.


We're Not Afraid to Call Ourselves "Fat" - Here's Why

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