5 Fantastic Outdoorsy Activities for Fat Guys

5 Fantastic Outdoorsy Activities for Fat Guys

The weather is warming up, especially around Big Boy Bamboo headquarters in Las Vegas, and that means my friends are all trying to include me in their outdoor excursions.

Paunch Panda from Big Boy BambooLook, as a cartoon animal, I love the spring weather. It's wonderful being outside to enjoy the breeze and the sunshine. But, apparently, my friends don't think patio dining really qualifies as "outdoorsy." While my fitter buddies plan hiking excursions, return to their favorite jogging trails, and flock to the beach for surfing and volleyball, I'm just not the kind of panda that embraces hard physical exertion as a form of recreation. If you're more of a casually outdoorsy guy like me, share this list with your overly enthusiastic friends.

Outdoorsy Activities for Fat Guys

1: Convertible Cruising

Convertible Cruising

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Flowers are blooming and trees are budding. It's beautiful out there this time of year. Fortunately, most of that beauty can be observed from a moving vehicle while cruising down a country road. Let's rent one of those sports cars that inspire a surge of testosterone just looking at it, drop the top, and get out where open roads twist over rolling green hills. If you're in Las Vegas, try Fantasy Car Rentals or Elite Exotic Car Rental. Whether you choose a Lamborghini, Bently, Ferrari, or something even more exotic, you'll look and feel great burning up the highway. If you're in the mood for a classic car to rent, you'll want to visit Fantasy Car Rentals or Classic Auto Rental Services for cars from the early 1900s to the 1960s. Style and class for all! Or if you want to try something a little more nostalgic, rent or borrow a classic car from the 1930s or 1940s. While we're out there, we can even try another big-dude-appropriate outdoor activity:

2: Picnics


Who doesn't like a picnic? You just take food outside and enjoy the pretty weather while you eat it. It's basically the perfect outdoorsy activity for fat guys. Plus, picnics are widely considered to be a romantic activity, so bringing a date is a great way to get brownie points and actual brownies. Personally (pandally?) I prefer the kind of picnic that involves tables, but if you're more of a romantic at heart, get yourself a basket, a blanket, and a field, and enjoy. 

3: Outdoor Concerts

Outdoor concerts are definitely outdoorsy. They even have "outdoor" in the name. Concert season is ramping up as the temperature starts to climb, and as an added bonus, most outdoor shows are free. Here in Las Vegas, Fremont Street Experience is our go-to destination for free outdoor shows and concerts, but most US cities have parks, amphitheaters, or festival grounds that offer a summer concert series. Fit friends, take note - if you're feeling physically exuberant, you're welcome to dance it off while we enjoy the show.

4: Boating


A day at the lake or a riverboat tour sound like perfectly appropriate outdoor recreation options. And don't forget, all are great for plus size men. We're not afraid to enjoy the outdoors. It's profoundly peaceful floating in the middle of a fishing pond, feeling the gentle waves rock the boat like a cradle. Then again, there's also something to be said for tearing across a lake in a speedboat. The point is this: With a boat, a man can enjoy that special kind of breeze that comes off a body of water, catch some sun, and even get out into the middle of the ocean without having to participate in some kind of aquatic sport. Swimming is optional. A man might want to get his feet wet without fighting the current, though...

5: Cruises

For some, a week-long Caribbean or Mexican cruise is the perfect way to relieve the stresses we go through on a daily basis. If you're looking to enjoy places like Roatan, Belize City or Cozumel, we can personally recommend Royal Caribbean's Rhapsody Of The Seas 7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise.

Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody Of The Seas 7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise

And don't forget the meals aboard a cruise ship are usually amazing! Breakfast and lunch buffets to die for. Dinner in the Main Dining Room is a great way to share your vacation joy with new friends from around the world.

When you're ready to try an excursion, there's always great diving, snorkeling and beaches, marine life encounters, botanical gardens, trails and plenty of shopping!

Plus Size Cruise Wear

And if you're looking for plus size cruise wear you'll want to bring some Big Boy Bamboo soft, comfortable bamboo t-shirts. We offer some of the best plus size cruise clothing whether you're a big guy or big and tall! These t-shirts will help you look great on board or during an excursion while they keep you 3 degrees cooler than wearing just cotton.

Here's Big Boy Bamboo's model Dee sporting a Bamboo V-Neck Tee

Here's Big Boy Bamboo model Dee sporting a Bamboo V-Neck T-Shirt.

6: Pool Parties

The hotter it gets, the less guys like us are willing to trudge around outside. As summer approaches, our outdoor activities are less focused on enjoying the weather, and more centered around cooling off. A cold pool with a cold drink is plenty outdoorsy enough when temperatures top 90 degrees. Lazy river, anyone?

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