Why Bamboo-Based Fiber is Perfect for Big & Tall Men

Why Bamboo-Based Fiber is Perfect for Big and Tall Men


Why Bamboo-Based Fiber is Perfect for Big and Tall Men

A Disclaimer about Bamboo Fiber

Bamboo Fiber Disclaimer

Bamboo-based fiber makes the softest men's t shirts

And bamboo clothing benefits have been widely known for a long time like being the softest men's t-shirts. But until now, nobody has come up with a line of bamboo clothing just for big guys like us, and that sucks. That’s why we’re here. Anything bigger than XL is treated as an afterthought in the fashion industry. Fat dudes like us are usually relegated to the extended sizes section, if our size is offered at all, and we have to pick from the handful of supersized designs that were originally intended for someone with a 28-inch waist. Finding big size t shirts that were actually created with thought and intention can be nearly impossible. Big Boy Bamboo doesn’t play you like that. Our bamboo t shirts for men are made for big guys, and the choice to use viscose from bamboo is no coincidence. Bamboo viscose is perfect for big boys! Here’s why bamboo is the perfect choice for big size t shirts: 

Here’s why bamboo is the perfect choice for big size t shirts


Fastest Growing Plant

Technically speaking, bamboo is a grass - not a tree - grown primarily in Asia, though it grows all over the world. It’s used for food, landscaping, feng shui, construction, tacky souvenirs, paper, slightly less tacky souvenirs, and the fiber that we use to make the most comfortable shirt you’ll ever wear. Have you ever felt a rayon shirt made from bamboo? They’re freaking soft, dude. Like, seriously, calling it luscious is not an exaggeration. How many of your shirts could be described as “luscious?” If you ever decide to use that awful “feel my shirt, it’s made of boyfriend material” pick-up line, make sure you’re wearing the softest men's t shirts made with bamboo viscose when you do it. You might have a slightly higher probability of success. Probably not, though. That line sucks. Disclaimer: We’re not here to give you dating advice. You are responsible for picking up your own chicks.

Looking For Big Boy Bamboo

Viscose from bamboo is the manly version of silk. It has that soft, satiny texture, but it doesn’t have that prom dress shine...if that’s your thing, there’s nothing wrong with that, of course...and you don’t have to perform any special rituals to take care of it like you would with silk. Our blend is 70% organic bamboo viscose and 30% organic cotton, and we recommend washing in cold water and hanging it up to dry to prevent shrinkage. Nobody likes shrinkage. Ask George Costanza. Then again, you could just throw these bamboo t shirts for men in the with the rest of your laundry if you really wanted to. We’re not telling you what to do or anything. Live your life, man. These are comfortable t-shirts and there’s more to bamboo clothing benefits than the silky texture, though.

Check this out:

Suck It Sunburn!

Like it or not, fat men sweat, often profusely. We can either deal with it, buy one of those high-tech athletic shirts that evaporate sweat using patented moisture-wicking technology, or we can wear shirts made with viscose from bamboo, which does the same thing. Bamboo-derived fabric wicks moisture away from your skin and evaporates it quickly, which cools you off and keeps you from having a big, wet stain down your back when it gets hot. Cotton alone doesn’t do that. In fact, a bamboo viscose shirt feels cooler than cotton in warm temperatures, and since both cotton and viscose from bamboo allow for better airflow, you’ll appreciate that benefit in those ridiculous hot summer months. What’s even more awesome is that the same bamboo t shirt for men that cools you off in hot weather acts as an insulator in cooler weather, holding onto your body heat. There’s science behind that, something about the cellular structure probably, but we don’t know it. All we know is that the same shirt is comfortable throughout the entire year, and that’s pretty awesome. All-in-all the benefits make our shirts some of the best big size t shirts on the market.

The Perfect Formal T-Shirts

Fabrics made from bamboo-derived material are often reported to help control body odor, too. Not only will you be less sweaty; you’ll be less smelly, too. Win! Note: this is another one of those things that the government says we can’t tell you, because they say that bamboo is actually plastic, and there’s no evidence that the fabric has any antimicrobial properties. The real deal is that your shirt won’t hold onto smells and really will help control BO, regardless of whether it’s because of airflow or germ-killing powers, but don’t tell anyone we told you. Deal? On top of that, natural fibers are often recommended for people with acne, especially body acne (bacne?) because of that airflow thing we talked about earlier. Essentially, this kind of shirt prevents you from wallowing in your own dead skin cells and sweat, which is pretty much as nasty as it sounds. Disclaimer: Big Boy Bamboo shirts are not a viable alternative for good hygiene. Please bathe regularly. Please. Viscose from bamboo is reputed to be anti-cling, anti-static, and is less likely to bunch up in your armpits, under your manboobs, or wherever else you’ve got nooks and crannies. Basically, these shirts feel downright luxurious, and they solve a lot of the problems that make you both physically and mentally uncomfortable: body odor, chafing, sweat bibs, pit stains... 

Big Boy Bamboo Style


Just because viscose from bamboo is low maintenance, as soft as a hug from a cloud, and at least as comfortable as your favorite pajamas, that doesn’t mean fashion isn’t a consideration.

Pimp It Baby!

Materials made from bamboo-derived fibers drape and move like silk - but don’t worry, you’re not going to look like a pimp. Well, you could, but you’d need more than just a tee shirt to pull it off. The pimp look is all about the accessories. What we’re saying is this: bamboo-derived rayon fabric makes comfortable t shirts and is fashion forward, trendy, and on most big guys it disguises things like back fat and moobs. We call that “figure flattering” in the industry, but you can just call it “awesome.” Dyes are richer and more vibrant in this material, and our blend is resistant to fading. It’s not magic, though, so maybe take a little care of your bamboo t shirt. Just saying. Rayon from bamboo tends to be more resistant to staining, and the dark, solid colors we offer are appropriate for anything from a weekend Star Wars marathon to an uncomfortable dinner with your in-laws to a semi-important meeting with a business client. Your Big Boy Bamboo shirts are likely to be in your regular clothing rotation for a long, long time.

Big Boy Bamboo Style


It’s wonderful to see so many people making choices that are good for the earth, especially since we all live on it. Choosing materials that encourage the cultivation of bamboo plants is one of the ways you can actually help make a difference without having another political argument with your Facebook friends. For example: Did you know that for every three pounds of regular, commercially grown cotton, one pound of chemicals is used? (Our blend uses organic cotton, by the way.) Most of that is pesticides and fertilizer, which are necessary actually to get cotton plants to produce fiber in harvestable amounts for the mass production of cheap cotton goods. Bamboo, on the other hand, is naturally pest resistant and needs no fertilizer to grow like crazy. Once the bamboo is planted, it gets harvested over and over without needing another planting, and it’s widely regarded as one of the most renewable resources available.

Bamboo is Eco-Friendly

Oh, and don’t worry about the pandas. They do eat bamboo, but not the same variety that’s used to make clothing, so you’re not impacting their food supply. So as you can see, there are numerous bamboo clothing benefits. No matter which one strikes your fancy, we are here to provide you with the highest quality bamboo t shirts for men. Remember, we specialize in big size t shirts, so you won't be stuck with an afterthought t shirt just because you wear a bigger size. 

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