Big Guys with Game - John Lindo

If anyone ever tries to say that there's no such thing as bug guys with game, just shake your head and walk away. Plus size dudes can be sexy as hell.

And we have proof.

Meet John Lindo.

He's a dance champion and teacher who seems to be regularly surrounded by beautiful, sensual, flexible women. It's okay to be a little jealous. Or a lot jealous.

Check out this video from the West Coast Swing Jack and Jill competition, which they won:

You've got to admit, the dude's got some serious moves.

And just in case that wasn't enough for you, here's another video of John with yet another gorgeous woman at the Phoenix 2008 West Coast Swing competition. They won that too, by the way.

What, that's not saucy enough for you?

Okay, here's an even more recent vid from 2013 shot in the UK:

Check out how they work the crowd!

It also helps that there's some bump-and-grind action going on with a totally hot blonde.

So let's talk about this for a minute.

When you think of a dancer, what image comes to mind?

Probably, your first thoughts are of long, lean, muscular bodies, bare chests, and too much glittery spandex, right?

John Lindo certainly doesn't have a ballet bod, nor the bare-chested, bronze-skinned look of a salsa dancer. He doesn't even look like the typical country bumpkin you'd spot in a line dance, though his dance career started with country-western.

Even after years of dancing, winning a ton of championship titles, and releasing no less than 7 instructional dance DVDs, John has a Big Boy Bamboo bod.

And we totally dig it.

He's got a ridiculous amount of sex appeal, and he's thriving in one of the most body-conscious careers in existence.

John Lindo, here's to you. Keep doing what you do.

By the way, if those of you reading this post know of any other big guys with game that deserve a featured spot on this blog, let us know! You might get some free shirts out of it.

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