5 Summer Fat-Friendly Vacation Destinations

It's almost summer vacation season.

Temperatures are rising, days are getting longer, and you're ready to take a break from work and responsibility to finally get some much needed personal time.

But do you really want to go to the beach like everyone else?

Sure, lounging under an umbrella with a cold drink in hand sounds kind of nice, but the beach also means soaring temperatures, sand in uncomfortable places, and sweaty strolls down crowded boardwalks in desperate search of someplace with air conditioning.

There's a better way for big guys to vacation.

Instead of spending a sweat-drenched week working on your skin cancer...uhm, we mean tan...head to one of these plus-size friendly destinations for a comfortable, relaxing summer vacation.

Montreal, Quebec 


While everyone else is flying south for the summer, take a cue from every migratory animal in this hemisphere and head north.

With average summer temperatures in the 70s (around 21 degrees Celsius since they're not on Team Fahrenheit) in their hottest month, July, you'll be cool and comfortable as you take in the sights.

Montreal is French-Canadian, but while French is the primary language, you won't have any trouble if you only speak English.

Make sure you indulge in as much luscious French cuisine as you can while you're there, because you'll miss it when you get back home and have to settle for Costco croissants.

The Finger Lakes

Finger Lakes

If you appreciate good wine, or if you just kind of know what Riesling is and don't mind drinking it, consider spending your summer vacation this year around New York's Finger Lakes.

It's not all wineries, though. 

The area is also packed with breweries, hard-cider factories, and...well, lakes.

We're unclear as to whether or not the area is also known for fingers, though we suspect the name has something to do with the shape of the lakes, rather than their contents.

At least, we hope.

Basically, The Finger Lakes is the perfect place to spend a week doing nothing but drinking beer and fishing.

If you have a family who objects to endless hours of inebriated angling, you can also check out some of the area's natural waterfalls, do some shopping, or head into Syracuse for a day.

Then again, you could also send your loved ones on any of those activities while you stay out on the water with a fishing pole.

It's your vacation too, after all.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

You might have your doubts about spending your summer vacation in a city located conveniently in the middle of a sweltering desert, and you'd be right in assuming that it's going to be stupidly hot, but hear us out.

If you do Las Vegas right, you'll almost never have to leave the air conditioning.

Every hotel along the strip is like a little self-contained city, so you can gamble, catch at least two different shows, and dine in a different restaurant every night without ever leaving your hotel.

Of course, we recommend that you check out all the sights and sounds, but you don't have to go out during the daylight hours to do that.

Vegas is all about nightlife, and the temperatures are much more reasonable after the sun goes down.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Aside from being hard to spell, Milwaukee is known for having festivals all summer long. Seriously.

There are festivals for just about everything, from kites to Polish heritage to summer itself.

Milwaukee just really likes to celebrate stuff.

If you're the cultured type, we're told there are some excellent museums and historical exhibits available for your perusal.

However, if you're more the beer-and-chili-dog type, you should stay in the hotel that was once a Pabst beer brewery, the BrewHouse Inn and Suites.

And if you can't have a summer vacation without spending some time beside a big ass body of water, you'll be right on the shore of Lake Michigan. Basically,

Milwaukee is a city, built around beer and baseball, where there's always a party.

What's not to like?

Take a cruise...in Alaska

Did you even know that Alaskan summer cruises were a thing?

Take a cruise...in Alaska

While everyone else is baking in the summer heat, you'll be checking out glaciers and ice formations in the wild north.

There aren't many places left where you can observe real wilderness, and there are even fewer places where you can observe raw wilderness from the deck of a luxury ocean liner with an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Some cruises take you inland for activities like a ride in a glass-topped train through the mountains, and if you're feeling particularly adventurous, you can even book a helicopter ride to an even more remote location to commune with mother nature.

If that's your thing, go right ahead. We'll be back at the boat communing with a loaded chili dog and a cold beer.

Plus Size Vacation Destinations:
Just say no to normal summer vacation plans.

Don't let peer pressure trick you into a vacation that's hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable.

Vacations are supposed to be fun and relaxing!

While you're making your travel plans, make sure to check out these tips from The Travel Channel for easing your transportation arrangements.

They try to be nice and call us weight-challenged, but forgive them for their political correctness.

Lots of people are afraid to say "fat."

Have you already made plans?

Where are you headed for summer vacation this year?

Post your favorite fat guy destinations in the comments below.

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