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Big Boy Bamboo

Big men are treated terribly by the plus-size fashion industry.

Big Boy Bamboo

We're either treated as an afterthought and forced to pick from a few shapeless, baggy styles originally designed for guys with 30-inch waistlines...

Or we're belittled and patronized by marketers that think our body type is too much of a touchy subject to discuss openly.

Just look at other plus size clothing websites, and check out the models they're using.

They're advertising 8X clothing on guys who don't even wear a large!

Let's get real.

Big Boy Bamboo

Big Boy Bamboo treats large men with respect - whether you call yourself fat or not - and that means we don't sugarcoat.

We don't tell white lies to protect your delicate feelings, and we don't constantly preach "body acceptance" at you, because nobody needs to tell a big dude that it's okay to be himself.

Seriously, is anyone telling people with brown hair that it's okay to be brunette?


Because it implies that there is something wrong with it.

So in an industry that either ignores overweight people completely or treats them like sensitive children, we're taking a stand.

We're here!

We're fat!

We're also probably a little sweaty!

And we want fashionable bamboo clothing options that actually fit!

Seriously, Big Boy Bamboo isn't your average extended-size brand.

Plus-size fashion is important to us, but plus-size men are more important.

Big men deserve top-of-the-line treatment.

Big Boy Bamboo

If you can get past the blogging cartoon panda, the sometimes crass humor, and the occasional references to chili dogs, we're actually a luxury brand. [And now we kind of want a luxury chili dog. Hmm.]

Of course, the shirts themselves are luxurious - have you ever felt bamboo-derived fabric? - but we're talking about more than that.

We're a luxury brand because we cater to the specific and individual needs of guys who wear sizes 3X and above.

You're not just a larger version of a "normal" body; you're a person with a distinct body shape, and you shouldn't have to wear glorified pillowcases.

That's why we built this brand and this blog.

This blog is here to entertain, inform, and offer useful resources just for guys like us.

Big Boy Bamboo

On this website, you'll occasionally see the word "fat" being thrown around, but you'll also be treated like a person.

You'll laugh.

You may occasionally squeal with delight.

You might even "chuckle darkly" like a vampire in one of those weird teen books.

We support that lifestyle choice.

(The chuckling darkly part, not becoming a sparkly vampire. We don't support non-scary vampires.)

But you'll also find links to websites that are doing things right, whether it's a kickass male grooming product, a blog that offers big guy style guides, or an article that perfectly exemplifies masculinity.

Occasionally, we might even share tips and tricks that overweight guys need to know - like this: wearing a sports bra under your tee shirt can help prevent chafing at the gym.

Big Boy Bamboo

Hey, if it looks stupid but it works, it's not stupid.

So, welcome to the Big Boy Bamboo family.

Big Boy Bamboo

We're glad to have you.

This whole brand is built around you, so we welcome your feedback, comments, and ideas.

If there's some way we can make this whole experience better for you, let us know!

In fact, we're still working on optimizing our shirts to fit your specific needs.

If you're interested in being a tester and giving us some honest feedback, get in touch and we'll hook you up.

Keep an eye on upcoming blog posts to meet real Big Boys who wear bamboo, and watch for opportunities to win free shirts!

If you're really awesome, we might even feature you on our website. Your mom will be so proud. 

Big Boy Bamboo

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