What's Your Shape? What's Your Type? Men's Body Shapes

We’ve all seen those charts that describe women’s bodies in terms of fruits (apple shape, pear shape, etc,) but why isn’t there a male body shape chart too? Big guys like us know that men’s bodies are not differently sized versions of the same shape. Those of us who don’t have broad shoulders and a narrow, tapered waist find it especially frustrating to shop for big size T-shirts and other clothes. That's why we're proud to present to you:

Men's Body Shape Chart

Being men, and therefore preferring that things remain as simple as possible, we have determined that there are 3 overall guys body shapes. Men's body shapes are basically a factor of the width of your shoulders compared to the width of your waist, keeping it simple to find your most comfortably sized bamboo T-shirts. Please check out our big men body chart.

The Quarterback (Ectomorph)

That "classic" male body type with the broad shoulders and tapered waist is called...

Men's Body Shape Chart - The Quarterback

Men with the Quarterback body type aren't necessarily fit - even big guys like us can maintain that inverted triangle type build.

Sometimes, Quarterbacks have a complete lack of butt (it's more of a back crack) and others have a little more width to their hips, but since men don't generally aim to accentuate their curves, we've left butts out of this shape guide. But here's the thing: Most non-Big Boy Bamboo T-shirts are designed with the Quarterback body shape in mind... And there are two other guy body shapes that essentially get the shaft in the men's clothing industry.

The Linebacker (Mesomorph)

Men's Body Shape Chart - The Linebacker

If you're the kind of guy who's essentially built like a tree trunk, you're probably a Linebacker body shape. Big Boy Bamboo shines in making t-shirts for guys with broad shoulders like linebackers.

But the Linebacker body type isn't reserved only for beefy dudes. Super skinny guys that are shaped more like a string bean than an oak trunk can also fall into this category. When your shoulders and your waist are pretty close to the same width, you're a Linebacker body type, and you probably either wear big guy size T-shirts that are too tight around the middle or too baggy around your chest (or around your everything) in order to get a comfortable fit.

Linebackers tend to have limbs that are pretty consistent with their mens body shape, too: Guys with thin shoulders and thin waists will have thin arms and legs (and they usually struggle to put on any kind of weight, especially muscle) while guys with thick shoulders and thick waists will have barrel legs and arms. Both Linebacker varieties are equally ignored in the fashion industry.

Being BIG BOY Bamboo, we're naturally more focused on the tree-trunk variety of t-shirt shapes... But, skinny guys, we feel your pain. We envy your ability to eat obscene amounts of carbs without adding jiggle, but we empathize with your difficulty in finding clothes that fit. Most of our readers, though, will likely fall into this third category:

The Full Back (Endomorph)

Big Boy Bamboo Body Shape Chart - The Full Back

Once you gain enough girth, you're going to find that you're a Full Back shape. Of course, there are variations of the Full Back. Some of us carry our weight in the middle, have no butt, and are plagued by "bird leg" syndrome, making other big guy clothes fit poorly for our shape.

Some of us tend to put on weight in the lower half of our body so that our thighs thicken and our lower belly pokes out, sort of playing a strange game of peek-a-boo behind the extra large T shirt that definitely wasn’t cut for the Full Back. The point is this: if your shoulders are narrower than your waist, and you tend to be bigger somewhere in the middle than at the top of your body, you're a Full Back. [


The clothing industry is determined to pretend you don't exist. Guys in the Full Back men's body shape category are frustrated because we have to buy shirts that are two sizes too big in the shoulders to get them to fit around the waist — and to be long enough to cover us properly. ...and that's why we're asking for your help. We want to make coo, comfortable, big guy clothes that fit you better.

It's one thing to observe from a distance and identify the problems faced by guys with Full Back and Linebacker body types, but it's something else entirely to design tee shirts that solve those problems for plenty of people.

Your feedback is vital!

We actually listen to what you guys are saying about our bamboo T-shirts, and we're working on designing big guy clothes that fit and look better on the types of guys who wear fashion for big men. Tell us how to make our bamboo T-shirts fit you better in the comments, in product reviews, or on Twitter @BigBoyBamboo. Do you need bamboo T shirts to be longer or shorter? If you need longer bamboo T-shirts, try our Big Boy Bamboo Men's Big & Tall Bamboo T-Shirts.

Do you need narrower shoulders and wider waists? Try our Big Boy Bamboo Men's Big Bamboo T-Shirts.

Do you need bamboo T-shirts that are longer in the front or back? Do you need bamboo T-shirts with more or less taper? We're determined to be the clothing company that solves these problems, but we need your help to do it. Also, if you want the complete body shape chart for Pinterest purposes, here it is:  

Big Boy Bamboo Body Shape Chart

Talk to us! We look forward to hearing your feedback.

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