Why is Big Boy Bamboo Unapologetic?

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Big Boy Bamboo

What Does "Unapologetic" Mean?

Okay, maybe it wasn't a burning question that was driving you crazy... But you are curious, aren't you?  The way the fashion industry treats extended sizes is disgusting, but men who wear plus size clothing get the worst of it. Look: We're thrilled that people are starting to recognize that bodies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

We're just sick of being told that "it's okay to be fat," or being encouraged to "love our bodies" by companies that pretend a 40-inch waist is plus-sized. The implication there is that something really is wrong with being overweight as if we should all be apologizing for the way we look. But we don't need to justify anything. We're not here to hold your hand and give you a pep talk, because you don't need a pep talk. You just need clothes that fit.

Unapologetic is a Way of Life

Unapologetic is a way of life

Unapologetic means that we use models who wear the sizes we sell, because you're smart enough to know that there's a difference between flattering and magically making you look like a fitness model. Seriously, isn't it nice to be able to see the actual shirt you're buying?

Unapologetic means that we don't pretend we're all just a little husky - we know we're fat, and there's no reason not to acknowledge it. We're not filtering our language to avoid offending your delicate sensibilities, because tiptoeing around the word FAT only makes sense if being FAT is something bad. Come on. None of us are suffering under the illusion that our moobs are part of our skeletal structure.

Unapologetic also means that we're here to help you find the solution to problems that guys like us face, but nobody wants to talk about.

Unapologetic solutions for fat guys

Unapologetic Solutions for Fat Guys

  • Baby powder doesn't do much to prevent chub rub, but Anti Monkey Butt Powder definitely does.
  • Wearing a sports bra to the gym might not be stylish, but it does a world of good in absorbing sweat and preventing under-moob chafing.
  • It might seem counterproductive, but wearing an undershirt on hot days helps prevent sweat stains - just make sure it's made of natural fibers and is breathable (like bamboo, hint hint.)

In fact, we even put out Fat Hacks every few weeks for your information and amusement. So, when you see the word UNAPOLOGETIC in big, bold letters under our logo, understand that it means that we respect you. We're never going to treat you like an afterthought or a sensitive subject because you're not. We're all just big guys who need comfortable clothing for real life.


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