7 Things That Are Better Online

"You can never replace real human interaction with social media."

"Spending too much time looking at a computer screen is bad for you."

"Too much technology makes us antisocial, and we should take time away from our phones and computers for real life."

Yeah, whatever.

7 Things That Are Better Online

Maybe there's some truth in the idea that we're inclined to become too dependent on convenient technologies, but let's be honest:

Some things are just better online.

It's probably not healthy to spend 20 hours per day on your iPad, but saying that iPads are bad because too much use distracts from reality is like saying carrots are bad because if you eat a couple pounds of carrot, you'll get sick.

Disclaimer: please don't eat that much carrot.

It really will make you sick.

Trust us.

Everything in moderation, right?

7 Things That Are Definitely Better Online

Real-life is overrated.

1) Work

Working from home

We all have to work to live, but we don't all have to commute.

Few people actually want to wake up, get dressed according to someone else's standards, and drive to work.

It sucks.

Thankfully, the internet exists.

The magic of technology means that it's now possible to start a business or earn a paycheck without leaving your house...and without putting on pants most days.

2) Shopping

Online Shopping

While we're not commuting to work, we can also not stop on the way home to pick up cat food.

Online shopping is a miracle of modern life.

No more lines, no more walking around for hours looking for the one thing you wanted to buy, and no more impulse chili dog purchases in the mall food court.

Actually, the occasional impulse chili dog is kind of nice, but that's not the point.

You can buy almost anything online and have someone else bring it to your house for you.

Think about it:

By touching certain places on your cell phone in a specific order, you can cause a stranger to show up at your door with food. 

How freaking awesome is that?

Shopping online definitely beats its real-life equivalent.

3) Summer


We fall for it every year.

Pictures of the beach look so sunny and inviting, and every cruise line advertises the perfect summer getaway complete with hot chicks, cold drinks, and a trip to paradise.

So we go.

And it's sweaty, hot, sandy, and crowded with grumpy vacationers yelling at their unruly children.

Summer is great in pictures.

It looks like warmth, relaxation, and peace. In reality, summer is the time of year for sweat stains, sunburn, and sand that seems to get everywhere except the shore.

Of course, if you do summer right, you can rock your vacation...

but do it from an air-conditioned room.

4) Dating

Online Dating

Going on dates is fun.

Finding appealing girls who also want to date you...not as much.

Getting to the first date is nerve-wracking, and when you start stumbling over your words and staring at your feet, everything goes south.

That's why it's better online.

Dating sites give you the chance to filter your results - it's like online shopping, but it's probably more expensive in the long-term.

You can narrow your search area, enter your criteria, and strike up conversations with multiple girls at once.

You've got plenty of time to think, and plenty of time to get comfortable before you ever meet in person.

Of course, you can still pick up chicks in person, but the technological alternative is nice to have.

5) Old friends

Finding Old Friends on Facebook

Have you ever run into a childhood friend?

It's kind of awkward.

First, there's the recognition.

You say hello, exchange casual greetings, and perhaps bring up a fond memory or two.

Then there's the obligatory "So, what are you up to now?" question, and you don't really know how to answer, so you make some generic small talk.

Within a couple of minutes, you get to the awkward silence.

You clearly don't have anything to say to each other, but you kind of feel obligated to say something, and you've already asked all the generic questions, but you can't really get more specific because you obviously don't know one another anymore...

And that's why there's Facebook.  

You can keep up with your old friends just enough that you're not forced into awkward social engagements to maintain the tentative friendship, and when you do have chance encounters, you can at least bring up whatever they've been posting about lately. Antisocial? Nope. Just social enough.

6) Family reunions

Family Reunions

Nothing can replace the love and support of your family...

But for your extended family, there's the internet.

Family reunions are even more awkward than chance meetings with old friends, because you're basically obligated to love these people you see once annually at most.

Your second cousin Elma, who you've had exactly 1 conversation with in your life, has had a baby.

Is that baby a third cousin, or a second cousin once removed, or some kind of niece or nephew figure?

Who the hell knows?

Like her picture on Facebook and move on with your life.

7) Cats

Andrew and Lucy

You could get a cat.

Lucy in her tree

You could feed it, and clean it's litterbox, and buy it a scratching post even though it's going to claw your furniture anyway, and perhaps you can take a funny video of it to post on YouTube.

Or...OR... You can spend 20 minutes watching 100 funny cats in someone else's YouTube video.

It's like having a cat, except better! If that's not enough for you... Here's an HOUR of cat videos!

You're welcome.

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