Behind the Scenes at the Big Boy Bamboo Warehouse

Not all of you are lucky enough to have a home base in Las Vegas.

That's okay.

We'll show you around through the magic of the internet.

Welcome to the Big Boy Bamboo Warehouse!

Behind the Scenes at the Big Boy Bamboo Warehouse

Okay, that's not a picture of a warehouse... But it was taken inside the warehouse, so it counts. Hey, warehouses are ugly. We're doing you a favor with our creative photography.

Behind the Scenes at the Big Boy Bamboo Warehouse

Plus, what office doesn't need a tiki bar?

Big Boy Bamboo might be based in the desert, but it was inspired in the tropics.

Our founder discovered the luscious comfort of bamboo blend fabrics while on an island vacation (it's okay to be a little jealous) only to find upon returning home that such luxurious garments as bamboo-based tee shirts didn't come in our sizes.

That realization, and a deep dissatisfaction with the plus size clothing scene as a whole, became the foundation of Big Boy Bamboo.

We've tried to bring a little bit of that island flavor into our warehouse and workspace because we wanted to honor our quasi-tropical roots.

And because, well, we had to decorate with something, and we had this tiki bar sitting around...

Our Warehouse Party That You Probably Missed But It's Okay Because Here Are Some Pictures

Recently, we welcomed some of our friends, fans, and family to celebrate our launch and drop a little knowledge on some of the local blogging community.

We're big on hospitality.

Behind the Scenes at the Big Boy Bamboo Warehouse

We're also big on slightly smarmy puns.

Heck, we're big in general.

So everyone who attended our warehouse warming got leied.

Whether they wanted to or not.

Of course, cheap leis are known for leaving behind residue on your clothing, and you know how that kind of stuff shows on black.

Thus, please forgive any unkempt appearances in the following photos.  

They were just sloppily leied.

It's mostly Paunch's fault. There was food.

Meet the Big Boy Bamboo Male Models

There were male models.

And there was some good, solid education, which a few people probably cared about.

Behind the Scenes at the Big Boy Bamboo WarehouseBig Boy Bamboo models Michael and Scott at the warehouse.

Because we haven't made nearly enough bad lei jokes, we'd like to point out that one of our models was very proudly leied all night, while the other was hesitant to get leied in front of all of our attendees.

Don't worry.

He came around.

By the way, if you're in the Vegas area, wear a size from 3X to 8X, and you think you might want to model for us, make sure you let us know.

You might even get some kind of compensation.

Behind the Scenes at the Big Boy Bamboo Warehouse

Paunch really wanted to serve chili dogs, but his handlers stepped in before he called the caterer.

Apparently, when the temperature outside tops 110 degrees, normal humans don't like to eat hot foods.

Weird, right?

Luckily, our models and staff had access to soft, comfortable Big Boy Bamboo tee shirts!

They feel so much cooler than other fabrics and help evaporate sweat, which means... Oh, sorry.

We got a little excited there.

You know they're awesome tee shirts. We don't have to tell you again.

Keep an eye on this blog for next week's feature.

You're going to get a chance to meet the models that make our shirts look so darned handsome!

Big Boy Bamboo

Until then, we hope you'll check out the shirts that are finally in stock after months of anticipation, and perhaps even leave us a review on Amazon.

You know, if you're into that sort of thing.

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