Fat Fashion Favorites: 5 Fashion Accessories for Plus Size Men You Can't Live Without

Before we start talking about why you need specific fashion accessories for plus size men, we'd like to point out that you obviously can live without these items. We just don't think you should. According to some stuff we read on the internet, style has everything to do with accessorizing. Finding clothes that look good is a challenge for guys who wear sizes 3X and up, but it can be done. You might have to put a little bit of effort into your appearance, but there's no reason you can't look classy, handsome, and stylish, fat or no fat. A big part of looking good is just getting clothes that fit. But for big guys, the fashion accessories you choose can make a huge difference.

5 Must-Have Fashion Accessories for Plus Size Men

1: Suspenders


Here's the deal: When your waist is bigger than your hips, a belt is basically the worst idea ever for trying to keep your pants up. In fact, the weight of the belt probably drags them down, so you're only aggravating an already existing problem. Suspenders are perfect fashion accessories and are always your friend. Not only do they look totally stylish and do a way better job at pants-hoisting than any belt; they're also slimming, and we have it on good authority that women love it when men wear suspenders. For a crash course on how to wear suspenders without looking like an old man, check out this article from one of our favorite websites, Chubstr.

2: A Nice Jacket

Sometimes, the right jacket is the difference between "I'm one of those annoying tourist types," and "I'm on my way to an event you can't afford tickets to." Maybe that's not the exact transformation you'll experience, but the point is this: Wearing a nice jacket over average clothes makes you look...well, nicer.

A Nice Jacket

For cold weather, you should have a sturdy peacoat that suits your body, fits comfortably, and makes you look a little bit like a chubby James Bond. The James Bond part is optional, but highly recommended. In warmer weather, don't be the guy that gets stuck wearing heavy wool suit jackets every time you have to get a little spiffed up. Invest in a fashionable linen blazer and you'll look cool and feel cool, which is totally important when your old college friend is getting married and you don't want to spend the entire ceremony bathed in copious amounts of your own sweat. It might be hard to find jackets that fit exactly right, and it's worth the little bit of extra time and money to get your stuff tailored. A fat guy in a nice tailored jacket is more likely to attract female attention than a skinny guy with a suit that doesn't fit right. You look like you have a career, and he looks like he has a court date. Trust me on this. As a cartoon panda, I'm an expert at wooing women.

3: A Hat

While we do not endorse the idea that you should wear a fedora everywhere you go, choosing the right hat adds an element of style, class, and charm to your outfit.

A Hat

By the way, if you're going to wear a hat, you're wearing an outfit, not just clothes. There's some kind of matchy magic going on there. Seriously, though, hats for men are kind of what hairstyles are for women. A girl can get a haircut or alter her 'do as a way to change the way her face looks, but men are a little more limited in face-flattering grooming options. You can grow a beard. You can get surgery. Or you can just wear a hat. What kind of hat will look good depends entirely on your face - how it's shaped, how symmetrical you are, and what features are the most prominent. We're no expert in these matters, but this guy who wrote this article on The Art of Manliness is an expert, so you should probably see what he has to say about it.

4: Shoes

Obviously, you wear shoes...unless you're some kind of hippie nudist something or other, in which case we support your lifestyle choice but wonder what you're doing on a clothing brand's website.


You probably even have multiple pairs of shoes already, and you might even have some that you wear when you want to look nice. But we're challenging you to raise the bar. You deserve a nice pair of stylish, comfortable loafers. They're dressy, and yet casual. They're cosmopolitan, and yet pedestrian. They're the shoe you would wear on a yacht, on a golf course, or on your way to the local bar to eat mediocre pizza and drink pretentious beer. Choosing the right pair of loafers is an art, so if you have no idea what we're talking about, check out this article from Gentleman's Gazette. Meanwhile, you still need comfortable shoes to wear on those rare occasions that loafers aren't appropriate. Here's a roundup of the best walking shoes for guys with heft.

5: A Classy Briefcase

If you really want to carry a satchel or one of those man purse things, we're not going to stop you, but we are going to urge you to please reconsider. Sometimes we have to carry stuff that won't fit in our pockets. Some of us have to do so frequently.

A Classy Briefcase

Do yourself a favor and get a good, classic briefcase. A satchel says: "I'm a practical, secure man who doesn't care if people tease me for carrying a purse." A briefcase says: "I'm important, I carry important things, and I'm not going to be caught dead carrying a purse. And besides, maybe this is stuffed with money." Or, you know, something like that. Briefcases really are classy, and you don't have to shell out hundreds on one of those hard leather models. There are tons of modern briefcase designs that will haul your laptop, your tablet, and some spare napkins in case of chili dog lunches. Stacks of unmarked, non-sequential bills are optional. We kind of hate that this article is a slideshow, but aside from the annoyance of clicking through pages, there's actually some good stuff there. You should check it out if you're leaning towards making a briefcase purchase.

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