Cool Blog Feature: The Art of Manliness

You need to know about The Art of Manliness. Big Boy Bamboo might sell tee-shirts, but we strive to be a lifestyle brand. Our aim is to give you tools and information that makes your whole life better, and sometimes that means we send you to another blog or website that is doing something really cool.

Cool Blog Feature: The Art of Manliness

The Art of Manliness is one of our favorites.

We've mentioned them before in the context of style and fashion, but that's really not fair to the guys at TAoM because they do so much more than style guides.

Do you want to know the difference between courage and boldness, and why it matters?

Would you like to work out like a lumberjack?

How would you like to know exactly what to do when someone starts crying?

This is crazy useful stuff!

TAoM covers all that stuff you should have learned in school but didn't.

Our Favorite Features at The Art of Manliness

Relationships and Family TAoM's Relationships and Family section is a resource that is desperately needed in the world, and we're so glad it's there. Most relationship advice you find online is aimed at women...even if it claims to be for men. In reality, the "men's relationship advice" you usually find details how women think they want us to act, and completely ignores masculinity as a relevant factor. Meanwhile at The Art of Manliness, the relationships section has resources for dating, parenting, friendship, marriage, and general social skills. Who else does that?! [hint: nobody.] And you don't have to compromise your masculinity to follow the advice and build great, healthy relationships with the people around you. It's real, practical advice, by men, for men, and that's incredible.

A Man's Life For a general look at how to be a fine specimen of the male gender, you should spend some time browsing TAoM's A Man's Life section. The topics under this category are focused on becoming a well-rounded gent, ranging from skills like loading a truck correctly to long-term personal development plans that will propel you towards a successful life. You'll especially appreciate TAoM's focus on building character. The information is valuable by itself, but the intention behind it is stellar - these guys genuinely want to help you become a better person.

Big Boy Bamboo


Topics for The Art of Manliness's podcasts cover their entire range of expertise, so you'll see them included with the posts in other sections. Podcasts are a smart solution for the busy man: While you're driving, working, begrudgingly folding your laundry, or sneaking in a bubble bath that you'd never admit to taking, you could be educating yourself in the masculine arts. Picture this: You're cruising along on your riding mower, cutting the grass for what seems like the thousandth time, headphones in...and you're learning how to use your body as a weapon. You're stuck in traffic on your morning commute, sipping your coffee and figuring out how to burn fat throughout your day. Pretty cool, right? Of course, TAoM has a lot more than just these few categories, and their website is packed with useful and entertaining information on how to be the man you've always wanted to be. Even if you've always wanted to be Batman.

That's in there, too. Check them out!

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