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  • 5 Fantastic Outdoorsy Activities for Fat Guys

    The weather is warming up, especially around Big Boy Bamboo headquarters in Las Vegas, and that means my friends are all trying to include me in their outdoor excursions.
  • Tall Sizes of Bamboo T-Shirts Have Finally Arrived at Big Boy Bamboo

    We are ridiculously excited to announce that Big Boy Bamboo big and tall sizes are finally available! That's right - 1XLT to 4XLT Big and Tall sizes are here!
  • Paunch Panda's New Year Resolutions

    The beginning of a new year is a time for reflection. It's a time for looking forward to the year ahead and appreciating the highlights of the one behind. It's a time for making promises to yourself that you know you're not going to keep. That's right. It's time for New Year Resolutions.
  • 15 Things Scientifically Proven to be Sexier than a 6-Pack

    Everything on this list has been cited by at least 1 actual hot women as a major factor in a man's overall attractiveness, and according to a couple of intense Google searches completed before writing this post, most of these things have been supported by survey results.

    Surveys are kind of like science right?

  • Our First Visit to the Big Boy Bamboo Factory in China - October 2016

    in October 2016, we visited our factories in China where our incredible Big Boy Bamboo t-shirts are made by the finest pandas! Big Boy Bamboo is proud of the working conditions of our Chinese factories, & we’ll guarantee to keep them clean, safe, modern & professional. And we’ll always pay a fair, living wage.
  • Big Boy Bamboo Now Available in 4 UNAPOLOGETIC Colors!

    In November 2016, Big Boy Bamboo introduced 3 new colors - Blueberry (Dark Blue), Oyster (Dark Gray), and Wine (Red). Big Boy Bamboo does something that most big and tall clothing companies don’t: We actually design our clothes for big guys. Shocking, right? From the sizing and fit, to our blend of premium organic cotton and viscose from bamboo, and even our refusal to sugarcoat our language or use models with washboard abs, these shirts were made with you in mind.
  • 5 Ridiculously Manly Foods For Your To-Eat List

    Leave the pumpkin spice lattes and butternut squash bisque to your girlfriend, though. Let's talk about manly foods. At Big Boy Bamboo, we're men who love to eat - that's no secret. As a man (and cartoon panda) myself, I understand the carnal appeal of a testosterone-fueled binge of ridiculously manly foods, and that's what this post is all about.
  • It's Finally Fat Guy Fall!

    It's Fat Guy Fall! If you came to this post looking for videos of big guys falling down, you're in the wrong place. You might want to check YouTube. We're talking about the season when temperatures finally drop to something reasonable and our women have the inexplicable urge to drink pumpkin-flavored coffee.
  • Behind the Scenes at the Big Boy Bamboo Warehouse

    Not all of you are lucky enough to have a home base in Las Vegas. That's okay. We'll show you around though the magic of the internet. Welcome to the Big Boy Bamboo Warehouse! Okay, that's not a picture of a warehouse... But it was taken inside the warehouse, so it counts. Hey, warehouses are ugly.
  • Why is Big Boy Bamboo Unapologetic?

    What Does "Unapologetic" Mean?

    Okay, maybe it wasn't a burning question that was driving you crazy... But you are curious, aren't you? The way the fashion industry treats extended sizes is disgusting, but men who wear plus size clothing get the worst of it. Look: We're thrilled that people are starting to recognize that bodies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

  • What's Your Type? Men's Body Shapes

    We’ve all seen those charts that describe women’s bodies in terms of fruits (apple shape, pear shape, etc,) but why isn’t there a chart for guys’ body shapes, too? Big guys like us know that men’s bodies are not differently sized versions of the same shape. Those of us who don’t have broad shoulders and a narrow, tapered waist find it especially frustrating to shop for big size T-shirts and other clothes.
  • Paunch's 100 Favorite Pick Up Lines

    In an astounding moment of generosity, Paunch has agreed to share his best pick up lines with the Big Boy community. As always, his advice is absolutely guaranteed to work (except that it's not) and should be used immediately (do not do that.) Strap yourself in. This is going to be interesting.