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  • 7 Things That Are Better Online

    Maybe there's some truth in the idea that we're too dependent on convenient technologies, but let's be honest: Some things are just better online. In this post, Paunch Panda, Big Boy Bamboo's Official Fat Panda, looks at some of the best you can find online.
  • 5 Reasons Big Guys are BAMFs

    Maybe the advertising world doesn't recognize it, and maybe you don't always feel that way, but it's the truth.

    Here's to the fat guys like you that are out there every day, proving how badass we can really be. This post is dedicated to you.

    If big guys didn't have an awesome sense of humor, we could never get away with writing blog posts like this one.

  • Treating Plus Size Guys & Big and Tall Men Right - We're Big Boy Bamboo

    Big Boy Bamboo treats large men with respect - whether you call yourself fat or not - and that means we don't sugarcoat.

    We don't tell white lies to protect your delicate feelings, and we don't constantly preach "body acceptance" at you, because nobody needs to tell a big dude that it's okay to be himself.

    Seriously, is anyone telling people with brown hair that it's okay to be brunette?

  • Buffet Strategies - Get The Most for Your Money

    Cheap, delicious, all-you-can-eat food is becoming more of a rarity as the best gourmet eateries now come at premium prices, so when you go to a restaurant that offers an extensive array of all-you-can-stuff-into-your-face options, strategy is important. But before we get into the details, there are a few things you should know about the buffet business.
  • Big Guys with Game - John Lindo

    If anyone ever tries to say that there's no such thing as bug guys with game, just shake your head and walk away. Plus size dudes can be sexy as hell. And we have proof.
  • 5 Totally Easy Ways Big Men Can Survive Summer Heat

    As the hottest months loom just ahead, it's time to think of some survival strategies to beat that summer heat. Big guys like us tend to be cold-weather creatures, and withstanding a brutal heatwave right in the heart of vacation season can take us from cheerfully chubby to sweaty and miserable in a matter of minutes. But fear not! We've got your proverbial back. When temperatures skyrocket, these 5 simple tricks will help keep you cool, dry, and happy.
  • Paunch Panda's Fat Hacks - Volume 2 - Plus Size Humor and Advice

    Welcome back to Fat Hacks, Paunch's not-at-all-ridiculous guide to living the fat life! Here's how this works: Being a fat guy can be frustrating. We face challenges and issues that are unique to our lifestyles, and nobody ever seems to want to talk about it. Fat Hacks is a chance to share the little tricks we've learned to solve the problems of the plus size life.
  • Fat Fashion Favorites: 5 Fashion Accessories for Plus Size Men You Can't Live Without

    Before we start talking about why you need specific fashion accessories for plus size men, we'd like to point out that you obviously can live without these items. We just don't think you should.

    According to some stuff we read on the internet, style has everything to do with accessorizing.
  • Why We're Not Afraid of the Word "Fat"

    When this website launched, we were told that we needed to tone down our language. Apparently, some people had an issue with the word "fat." You can't call people FAT!" "Aren't you afraid of offending people?" "Can't you use a nicer term, like plus-sized or portly?" Here's the deal: Being afraid to say the word "fat" doesn't make us any less fat. The fact that so many people think our body is a sensitive topic is what's really offensive.
  • Big Fashion Feature: Chubstr - life in your size - is one of our favorite websites on the entire internet. Of course, if you have any taste at all, you'll love them, too.

  • 5 Summer Fat-Friendly Vacation Destinations

    It's almost summer vacation season. Temperatures are rising, days are getting longer, and you're ready to take a break from work and responsibility to finally get some much needed personal time. But do you really want to go to the beach like everyone else? Sure, lounging under an umbrella with a cold drink in hand sounds kind of nice, but the beach also means soaring temperatures, sand in uncomfortable places, and sweaty strolls down crowded boardwalks in desperate search of someplace with air conditioning.
  • Paunch Panda's Fat Hacks - Volume 1 - Plus Size Humor and Advice

    Welcome to the first edition of Fat Hacks, Paunch's totally practical and not at all ridiculous guide for living as a fat man.